Platipus Bat Anchor

Earth Anchors for Every Application

Features & Benefits:

• Enhanced anchoring in weaker soils
• Designed with higher load capacity.
• Flexibility in on-site anchor system selection
• Accepts wide range of tendons and all-thread rods.

• Temporary walls
• Retained Structures
o MSE walls
o CMU walls
o Sheet piles
• Managing hydrostatic Pressure

The Platipus Bat Anchor, with its wide, “bat” wing design, is the right choice for ground anchoring applications where the loads will be high or in areas with weaker soils.

By utilizing a lower T-Loc termination point, the Platipus Bat Anchor allows for greater flexibility for on-site assembly, as well as, overall anchor system selection. The Bat Anchor’s ability to fit a wide range of tendons and all thread rods means you will be able to craft the best anchor system for your project.

The Platipus Bat Anchor will require more powerful equipment for installation.


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