Grade 75 & Grade 80 All-Thread ReBar

All-Thread Rebar for a stable connection

Features & Benefits:

• Cold Rolled, Continuous, Rounded course Thread
• Ultra High Relative rib area is 3 times that of conventional rebar
• Available in 12 different diameters.
• Available in Lengths up to 50 foot.

All Thread Rebar cross section of install

• Temporary walls
• Retained Structures
o MSE walls
o CMU walls
o Sheet piles
• Ground Anchors

Williams Form Engineering All-Thread Rebar has a cold rolled, continuous, rounded course thread form.  The special thread (deformation) pattern projects ultra high relative rib area at 3 times that of conventional rebar, which provides for superior bond performance in concrete. 

Because of the high thread pitch and the full 360 degree concentric thread form, Williams All-Thread Rebar should only bent under special provisions using larger bend diameters than typical ACI minimums. As an alternative to bending, Williams recommends use of a steel plate or a threaded terminator disc to reduce development length.  Threads are available in both right and left hand. 


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Grade 75 & Grade 80 All-Thread ReBar

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