Grade 75 & Grade 80 All-Thread Accessories

Grade 75 & 80 All-Thread Accessories

Features & Benefits:

-Couplers, Nuts, Washers meet or exceed design strength of bar
-Extends the useful length of threaded rebar
-Bevelled and Spherical Washers allow for fastening at angles.
-Creates stable and superior end point connections

Individual Part Specifications available upon request.

All Thread Rebar cross section of install

• Temporary walls
• Retained Structures
o MSE walls
o CMU walls
o Sheet piles
• Ground Anchors

Williams Form Engineering All-Thread Rebar accessories are manufactured to provide the strongest connection and fastening points. Available individually or in bulk, the Williams Form couplers, nuts, and washers are designed to last.

All Couplings and Hex/Collar Nuts exceed 100% of the bar’s published ultimate strength and couplings will meet ACI 318 Section for mechanical rebar connections.




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Grade 75 & Grade 80 All-Thread Accessories

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