Diamondback TRM

3 Dimensional Turf Reinforcement Protection

Features & Benefits:

• High tensile strength and tear resistance
• UV resistance
• Rot and biological degradation resistance
• Reduces erosion and sedimentation
• Protects slopes and channels from high velocity flows
• Promotes vegetation establishment and growth
• Extends the life of slopes and channels
• Reduces maintenance costs

WINFAB’s Diamondback TRM is available in two styles:
Diamondback 2018 & Diamondback 4031

More Specification Info upon Request

WINFAB Diamondback TRM can be used in a variety of applications, including:
• Steep slopes
• Vegetated channels
• Embankments
• Stream banks
• Shorelines
• Landfills

WINFAB Diamondback Shore

WINFAB’s Diamondback series of TRM (turf reinforcement mat) is a high-performance erosion control mat designed for steep slope and vegetated applications. It is manufactured using a special heat stabilization process to drastically increase the effectiveness of the pyramidal weave when incorporated in challenging environments.

Here are some specific examples of how WINFAB Diamondback 4031 TRM has been used successfully in real-world projects:

  • To protect a steep slope along a highway from erosion and sedimentation
  • To stabilize a stream bank and promote vegetation growth
  • To extend the life of a vegetated channel

WINFAB Diamondback TRM’s are a trusted solution for erosion control. Diamondback TRM’s are a proven product that delivers superior performance in even the most challenging environments.

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Diamondback TRM

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