A simple but effective way to protect the areas around ponds, ditches, and watercourses.

What is Prolock?

Prolock Graphic

Simply put, Prolock is a protective wall comprised of recycled plastic screens and wood or metal piles, used as a barrier against erosion around ponds, ditches, and water courses.

Shoreline Erosion Protection

Manufactured from recycled plastics, Prolock’s sheet pilling products are a durable and cost effective solution that is versatile and adaptable, suitable for use in a wide range of environments.

From underwater pile revetments to ditches and small ponds, Prolock Sigma has you covered. If your needs are on the heavier side, look no further than Prolock Omega to handle the tough conditions along rivers, lakeshore, marinas, and high traffic canals.

With a life span of 60 years, Prolock’s simple but innovative products help to reduce waste and promote sustainability. You can be confident you are getting the best possible solution to stop and prevent bank erosion.


Internal Erosion Protection

Protecting against internal erosion and soil piping is an important aspect of designing and maintain earthen structures. In areas where underground water seepage is an issue, Prolock’s Sheet Piles is a great solution to guard against those natural forces.

Utilizing the watertight connections of the Delta and Epsilon screens, Prolock’s sheet piles create the perfect barriers to keep underground water seepage at bay. 

Contaminated Soil Seperation

With our Delta and Epsilon screens, Prolock offers a durable solution for areas where the separation of contaminated soils is necessary. With a service life of up to 100 years, the watertight interlocking connection of the sheet piles provides the perfect barrier. Prolock’s sealing screens effectively stop the spread of liquids, helping to mitigate potential contamination. Additionally, the PVC screen is able to resist a wide range of chemicals that can commonly be found in soil.

Trust Prolock to provide effective and long-lasting solutions for your soil separation needs.

Prolock Sigma

Sheet Piling for lighter-duty retaining structures and bank protection.

Prolock Omega

Sheet Piling for heavy-duty retaining structures and bank protection.

Prolock Accessories

Sheet Piling for protection against soil piping in levees, dams, and other retaining structures.

Prolock Epsilon

Ultra wide Sheet Piling for creating watertight barriers.

Prolock Delta

Sheet Piling for protection against soil piping in levees, dams, and other retaining structures.

Prolock Aqua

Sheet Piling for invisible, underwater structures and barriers for bank protection.