Environmental Nonwoven Geotextile Fabrics

Nonwoven geotextiles can be used in a wide variety of Environmental applications, including soil separation, water filtration, and liner cushion/reinforcement. They are a cost-effective way to improve the performance of soil and aggregate, and they can help to extend the lifespan of infrastructure projects.

  • Durable UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fiber
  • Resistant to Naturally Encountered Chemicals, Alkalis, and Acids
  • Excellent Installation Efficiency Due to Soil Contour Conformance
  • High Tensile Strength With Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • Thick Structure Allowing Cushioning While Providing Lateral Gas and Liquid Transmission
  • Effective Filter with Fine Pore Size While Maintaining High Permittivity 

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At Midwest Construction Products, we offer a full line of Nonwoven geotextiles, covering a wide range of specifications and applications. From lightweight nonwovens for walking paths and driveway entrances, to heavy weight fabrics for shoreline and channel erosion control.

We have many styles and sizes in stock every day.

Even with their finer pore size, Nonwoven Geotextiles designed for Environmental Applications, still maintain high permeability, making them a great filters in environmentally sensitive areas.   

Water passing through nonwoven geotextile

Most nonwoven geotextiles designed for Environmental Applications will provide a thicker structure while still allowing lateral transfer of liquids and gases. When used in areas where liquids and gases need to move, Nonwoven Geotextiles for Environmental Applications can be a viable material.

By combining the characteristics of filtration, separation, cushion, and many more, Nonwoven Geotextiles can become a solid choice for projects of an environmental nature. 

If you have questions about a specification or requirement, or are just unsure about what Nonwoven Geotextile you should use for your project, let us know. We have the resources and experience to help you find the best solution. 

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We strive to provide the highest quality products and materials for whatever specification your project requires.

The nonwoven geotextiles we stock and provide are manufactured to meet or exceed common requirements as specified by:

Liner Cushion & Protection
Nonwoven Geotextiles are ideal for use as a reinforcing layer, acting as a cushion between a liner and the grade below.
Filtration Layer
When used in areas where water needs to drain without carrying the soil away, Nonwoven geotextiles will serve to maintain the environmentally sensitive area.
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