Staked Turbidity Barrier

Staked Turbidity Barrier

Features & Benefits:

– Made from continuous panels of vinyl-polyester (PVC) fabric.
– Can be used with Wood, Steel, Plastic stakes.
– Meet or Exceed all DOT specifications and Requirements.
– Ideal for SWPPP and as Stormwater BMP’s.
– Made in the USA

• Fabric is 16 mil nominal laminated vinyl/polyester.
• Standard size is 100 ft. length x 44.5 in.
• Construction is vinyl laminate on 18 x 17, 1000 x 1300 denier scrim.
• Weight is 16 mil nominal per sq. yd.
• Adhesion is 10 x 10 lb./in.
• Grab Tensile is 410 x 410 lb.
• Tongue Tear is 100 x 100 lb.
• Hydrostatic is at least 600 lb. psi.
• Standard color is yellow.
• All seams are heat-sealed.

Aer-Flo Staked barrier Installation Infographic

– Environmentally Sensitive Area Protection
– Areas of High Storm Water discharge.
– Enhance current Perimeter Sediment Pollution Control Measures
– Channel Storm Water Runoff.

Aer-Flo Staked Barrier Installed with traditional silt fence
Turbidity Barriers are a BMP designed to restrict the flow of sediment-laden stormwater runoff from a construction site, to keep it contained in a limited area, and allow the sediment to settle out before being carried into adjacent or joining watercourses. TOUGH GUY® Turbidity Barriers are manufactured by AER-FLO, Inc., the world’s largest producer of these critical devices.
Similar in application to traditional silt fence, Staked Turbidity Barriers are not only used to contain the flow of runoff on projects with a significant storm water discharge, but also redirect the stormwater runoff into channels or detention areas. Made from continuous panels of vinyl-polyester (PVC) fabric, these barriers meet or exceed all DOT specifications and are a ideal for use as a stormwater BMP (Best Management Practices)

Ideal as BMP for use on:

  • Construction Sites

  • Roadside Ditches

  • Marshes, ponds, and other shallow water

  • Retention basins

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