Telescoping Fiberglass Grade Rods

Telescoping, Fiberglass, 13′-25′

Features & Benefits:

-Epoxy coated black graduations/numbers on white background –
-Foot numerals are in red
-Sections telescope for easy of transport and storage
-Complete with carrying case
-4 Sections

Fiberglass Telescoping Grade Rod Options

– 13′ – tenths
– 16′ – eighths, inches, feet
– 16′ – tenths, feet
– 25′ – eighths, inches, feet
– 25′ – tenths, feet

Used in construction and surveying to measure and set elevations quickly and easily.

Constructed from durable fiberglass, this telescoping grade rod is a versatile tool for precision leveling and grading.

It features multiple sections that extend and collapse, offering easy storage and transport, and graduations are clearly marked for accurate measurements

The non-conductive material ensures safety on construction sites, while the water-resistant design provides longevity.

Ideal for professional and residential use, it’s an essential instrument for any surveying or construction project.

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Telescoping Fiberglass Grade Rods

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