Tri-Lock is the only true interlocking articulated concrete block system (ACB).

Tri-Lock Block System

Use Tri-Lock for Boat Ramps

Tri-Lock is the perfect application for boat ramps. No more small concrete bricks tossed around from constant waves and wear from dropping your boat in the water. Call for a quote today!

Failed Boat Ramp - Articulated Concrete Block

What is Tri-Lock?

Tri-Lock is a flexible erosion control system. It is comprised of three directional interlocking concrete components of various sizes, overlaying a Geotextile fabric as specified per location.

Cellular articulated concrete block (ACB) systems are flexible concrete revetments used to resist the erosive forces of flowing water resulting from elevated velocities and wave action in concentrated flow areas. A typical ACB revetment mat is formed by interlocking precast concrete blocks placed on a geotextile fabric. The interlocking matrix allows versatile structure design for use over varying land contours and grades. ACB’s traverse changes in terrain without disrupting the placement patterns and interlocking features of the system, allowing for partial settlement of the underlying foundation without disrupting the integrity of the installation.

The blocks within the (mat) matrix are dense and durable, and the resulting revetment is flexible and porous-(Abt 2001). Voids between blocks allow vegetation to establish over time, decreasing flow velocities and improving final appearance.

Tri-Lock’s Continuous Matrix

Because of the unique triangular interlocking configuration of the Tri-Lock System, no cables or special treatment, like cutting blocks is necessary to fit around bends and corners.
The most extreme hydraulic event in a channel occur at changes of direction. Tri-Lock is most secure at these critical areas.

Tri-Lock’s Friction Fit

Friction fit is at interference points between lock & key blocks. Bottom to top taper provides hydro-static pressure relief. Back fill enhances interference and friction fit, so cables not needed.

Typical Applications

  • Shore Line Protection
  • Bank Protection
  • Reservoir Embankment Protection
  • Channel Lining
  • Drainage Ditch Lining
  • Pipeline Watercourse Crossing Protection
  • Bridge Apron
  • Slope Protection
  • Boat Launching Ramps
  • Parking Areas

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Tri-Lock is the only true interlocking articulated concrete block system (ACB).

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